Wim Hof Method Book Thoughts

Created: 2023-12-29 | Last edited: 2023-12-29

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I just finished reading The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof. I originally decided to read this book as I have known of Hof for a few years now and I am interested in cold exposure. This is by no means meant to be a book summary, although you can get the majority of the information that is in the book from what I say and the links I provide.

So big tl;dr here. Do regular cold exposure, do the WHM (Wim Hof Method) and be present and committed.

I believe that this book was much longer than necessary and it is only ~170 pages. Much of what is said throughout is repeated. Ontop of this there is a fair bit on Hofs life; while I was expecting some, I was not expecting too much.

The benefits of cold exposure have been studied and are being studied, they are becoming more well known. Here are a few of the ones I find most interesting:

The benefits of the WHM can be a bit shaky, but some have been studied and proven. I will list a few below:

There will be links below that discuss cold exposure, WHM benefits and more as these give better explanations that I ever could, I am very much a novice.

Hof also discusses some about mindset. He discusses how important it is to be in the present moment, not seek external validation and to live for yourself. He goes over these sort of things that he practices in his life and that are beneficial to everyone. Although I believe they do not belong in this book, and they are also found elsewhere.

Huberman Lab cold exposure benefits and protocol

WHM benefits (proven and speculated)

Science and benefits of cold exposure

Explanation of the biology behind each part of the WHM